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For the first time ever, DrillCover and SawCover systems offered on BOGO sale


For the first time ever, DrillCover and SawCover systems offered on BOGO sale

November 1, 2019 – Veterinarians across the US are taking advantage of Arbutus Medical’s first buy-one-get-one promotion, with a free second linen cover being offered with the purchase of a DrillCover or SawCover system through Securos Surgical and MWI Animal Health. This limited-time offer will enable vets to purchase the already affordable orthopedic drill systems to provide safe surgeries for even more patients.

“For the month of November, our partner Securos Surgical is offering a special deal to veterinarians purchasing Arbutus Medical’s DrillCover or SawCover systems,” says Elise Huisman, Director of Business Development and founder of Arbutus Medical. “With more of our linens in stock, a vet can have sterile orthopedic power tools available to provide safe surgery to even more animals.”

The DrillCover and SawCover systems are used by small and large animal veterinarians. The surgical tools are low-cost power systems that provide a 100% sealed and sterile surgical power solution for simple orthopedic procedures requiring drilling and sawing. The autoclavable linen provides the highest protection against liquids and pathogens. The covers (linens) are guaranteed for up to 75 autoclave cycles. A second free linen will save vet offices up to $450 in replacement costs.

Through expert medical engineering and user-centred innovation, Arbutus Medical has designed and commercialized a portfolio of medical devices that can improve care for millions of patients worldwide. Their Drillcover Technology provides veterinarians and surgeons with an orthopedic drill at a significantly lower price than traditional medical power tools, providing a reusable liquid and pathogen-proof sterile enclosure that envelopes a non-sterile tool and fully seals the power transmission through the sterile barrier.

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About Arbutus Medical
Arbutus Medical makes surgical tools to break down barriers to safe surgery and supports surgeons or DVMs learning new surgical techniques. Using patented DrillCover technology, Arbutus Medical provides safe, reliable, high-quality and affordable surgical tools. Their power tool systems have been used to treat over 48,000 human patients and 32,000 animal patients in 32 countries. The tools feature a reusable liquid and pathogen-proof fabric cover that fully envelopes a robust, powerful and affordable hardware tool creating the perfect orthopedic solution for the cost-conscious veterinarian. You can find Arbutus Medical products distributed in the USA through MWI Animal Health / Securos Surgical and Steris Corp / Everost Surgical Inc.

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