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PRO Drill Kit

Reliable Makita drill converted into a licensed and registered cannulated surgical device.

PRO Drill Kit

Our more advanced drill allows for more precise drilling. It has a cannulated feature allowing regular drill bits and pins with the 3-Jaw Chuck, half-moon shaped drill bits with the AO quick connect, and reaming as done in total hip procedures.

This kit includes:

  • 1 Makita Battery Charger (Plug Types A, C, and G available) 
  • 1 PRO Drill/Reamer Power Tool Set (with 2 batteries and a  charger)
  • 1 PRO DrillCover Linen (Reusable) 
  • Choose from our attachment options to create your own kit
  • PRO Inline Adapter AO Small Quick Connect
  • 7.4mm Drill Chuck with Key


Devices are manufactured in an ISO 13485 environment; complying to the international laws & regulations of the medical device industry.

2 Speed & Torque Settings

The device has a maximum speed of 1500RPM in drill mode and a torque of 32 Nm with maximum speed of 450 RPM in ream mode. Change modes with the flip of a switch.

ANSI Level 4 Barrier

Three-layered cover features the highest possible pathogen & liquid barrier performance.


7.4mm Drill Chuck

AO Small Quick Connect

Inline Adapter

Cannulated Adapter

2 Batteries

Battery Charger

Modified Makita Drill

Makita Drill, Batteries & Charger

  • Brushless motor
  • 2-Gear Speed
  • Drilling: High speed of 0-1500 RPM (rotations per minute), with maximum torque of of 9.6 N-m (84 in-lbs)
  • Reaming: Low speed of 0-450 RPM (rotations per minute), with maximum torque of 32 N-m (280 in-lbs)
  • Drilling: High speed of 0-1500 RPM (rotations per minute), with maximum torque of of 9.6 N-m (84 in-lbs)
  • Battery: 2x 12V rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries
  • Weight: 1.1 kg (2.4 Ibs)
  • Charger Voltage & Plug Type: 120V or 240V; Plug types A, C or G

What is it?

The advanced PRO Drill is a versatile and surgical drill that is fully sealed by the DrillCover PRO linen making it 100% sterile at an affordable price.

The PRO Drill is a modular system that allows surgeons to choose the different components based on the types of procedures they perform most. Over time, when additional procedures are being performed, other attachments can be purchased.

Who is it for?

The PRO Drill is the ideal drill for clinics that are starting out in orthopedics and are planning to expand their orthopedic capacity over time. It is ideal for the traveling surgeons or clinics looking to lower their costs with a robust piece of equipment.

Why would I use this?

The PRO Drill technology gives surgeons the power and confidence to perform any sterile orthopedic procedure with ease and precision. The drill has been carefully selected to match the speed, torque, and ergonomics of most drills in the market to provide the perfect cost-saving alternative. The system allows for an exceptional precision which is important if dealing with small and fragile bones, cannulation, switching between reaming and drilling modes, and quick exchange of half-moon shaped AO drill bits as well as Hudson or Zimmer quick-connect drill bits and reamers.

How does it work?

  1. Place & secure the drill cover over the designated drill.

2. After the operation, remove and replace with another cover.


3. The used cover goes through a clean cycle.


4. Sanitized covers are lined up, ready for the next operation.


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