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Streamlining intraoperative traction

Sterile-ready, Single-use Tension Bow

QuikBow® is a sterile-ready, single-use tension bow for skeletal traction in the operating room. It allows trauma centers to use a smaller wire without a Kirschner bow (K-bow).  


  • Pelvic ring fractures
  • Acetabular fractures
  • Femoral neck and shaft fractures
  • Periprosthetic / interprosthetic fractures
  • Tibial fractures
  • Calcaneal fractures
Catalogue: QB-003

Improving the Ability to Deliver Care

QuikBow® simplifies the entire intraoperative traction process. It reduces reliance on Central Sterile Processing (CSP), eliminating the risk of delays due to missing equipment. Additionally, its operation with spring-loaded QuikCams™ makes applying traction easy for just one medical staff member.

Watch the demo video to see how QuikBow® streamlines traction applications.

Single-person and Single-use to Improve Efficiency

QuikBow® has springs that latch onto the pin and hold it in place when tension is applied eliminating the need for a second medical staff during skeletal traction procedures.

Single-person and single-use, QuikBow® eliminates the costly delays caused by underperforming K-bows and reduces OR wait times.


Alleviate CSP Burden

A game-changer in efficiency, QuikBow® is the first sterile-ready pin tensioner on the market. Eliminating the need for reprocessing or retrieval from CSP, it’s always available for immediate use. This innovation removes a major bottleneck, significantly reducing equipment wait times and ultimately improving the patient care experience.

Environmental Sustainability at Arbutus Medical

QuikBow® is made from 99% sustainable, plant-based plastic derived from castor beans, a sustainable, renewable crop that does not compete with food and does not cause deforestation.

Additionally, the bio-based material makes QuikBow® recyclable through Arbutus Medical’s BlueWave Recycling Program, a program offered to all TrakPak® customers.


Reduces Imaging Artifacts

Made with 99% bio-based polymer, QuikBow® reduces imaging artifacts compared to traditional K-bows. This minimizes unwanted signal interference, leading to clearer images and faster diagnoses.

Single-person Traction Application with QuikBow®

"Intraoperative skeletal traction often makes all the difference in making a hard case easy. Unfortunately, conventional K-bows make what should be a quick, easy step hard and frustrating. I never want to use a conventional K-bow again."
Allen Nedley
MD, OU Health