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Busy Texas Hospital Trauma Center Now Using Arbutus Medical Skeletal Traction Procedure Kit

University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas is now using the all-in-one kit from Arbutus Medical for all skeletal traction procedures that come into their emergency room, saving the hospital time, money, and making this orthopedic procedure faster and less painful for patients.

The hospital’s emergency department (ED) usually performs 3-5 skeletal traction procedures each week.

“The first patient I treated using the Skeletal Traction Procedure Kit was a 22-year-old woman who jumped from a moving vehicle and sustained a femur fracture in her left leg,” said John Kodosky, PA-C University Hospital’s Department of Orthopedics who worked with Arbutus Medical to develop the kit. “It only took me a few minutes to get the supplies and prep for the procedure, since everything was in one kit. The patient wanted music on while I worked on her leg, and she stayed calm, singing along with Billie Eilish for the short time it took me to place the pin. It all went fast and smoothly, and the patient was more comfortable post-procedure.” 

With Arbutus Medical’s Skeletal Traction Procedure Kit, physicians have all the necessary tools needed to apply skeletal traction quickly for high-energy trauma patients – whether it’s a fractured femur, acetabulum, pelvis, or hip dislocation. The procedure is done within minutes.

 U.S. trauma centers such as – University Hospital (San Antonio, TX), Harborview Medical Center (Seattle, WA), and Erlanger Hospital (Chattanooga, TN) are quickly adopting the Skeletal Traction Procedure Kit, with a sterile drill cover, a specialized K-wire, and another 13 items needed to complete traction.

Orthopedic Resident John Parker on training with Arbutus Skeletal Traction Procedure kit

“I appreciate the improvement in sterility with this system,” said Dr. Shane Bullock, an orthopedic resident at University Hospital. “Having a peel pack setup with one-time use drill cover is advantageous when trying to maintain a sterile field. The design of the traction pin with integrated SteriTrak loading and guide for safe hand placement are both much-needed upgrades to our previous system. It’s intuitive and easy to learn”

 Arbutus Medical provides a drill kit, at no cost, to all customers utilizing their Skeletal Traction Procedure kit. The easy-to-store drill kit includes an FDA-licensed DeWalt drill, batteries, charger, and pin cutters.

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