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Pros and Cons for a DVM to Introduce Orthopedic Surgery to their Clinic

Are you looking at adding orthopedic surgery to your vet clinic? Orthopedic surgery is a common procedure that many vet clinics offer.  While this can be a service that you can easily add to your practices, there are many advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider.

What are the Benefits of Having Orthopedic Surgery in your Clinic?

  • Ability to provide more for your patientsdreamstime_s_155342761: Many veterinarians love being able to do anything possible for their patients.  When a pet has a fractured leg or ruptured cruciate ligament, many vets end up having to refer these to a specialty clinic.  Learning to perform orthopedic surgery and offering this service at your clinic allows you to provide a full service experience for your patients.
  • Increases your surgical abilities: Learning to perform a new surgery can increase your customer base. Surgical expertise is reached through practice; surgical experts are made, not born. 

  • Increase Revenue for your Clinic: Referring orthopedic surgeries to other clinics decrease your revenue.  Being able to perform in-house orthopedic surgery not only allows you to increase your sales, but avoids the uncomfortable transportation of a hurt animal to another clinic.

What are the Challenges of Adding Orthopedic Surgery to your Clinic?

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    Cost of orthopedic equipment: Orthopedic equipment, in particular orthopedic drills and saws, can be costly. Adding this orthopaedic surgery to your clinic requires you to set up accordingly. There are suppliers, like Securos Surgical, that offer start-up orthopedic packages. They range in price depending on your surgery abilities but they are a great option to get everything you need from one single source.

  • Learning new skills:  There are on-line and wet labs available including introductory or more advanced orthopedic courses. Arbutus Medical is sponsor of many cadaver hands on orthopedic surgery courses where a lot of our products are tested by soon-to-become veterinary surgeons. 

Orthopedic surgery is a great service to offer to your clients. The startup cost doesn’t have to be high, if affordable orthopedic tools are acquired. Contact us for more information about our drills and saws currently sold all over the world to veterinarians like yourself.