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New, refurbished or used: What’s better for veterinary equipment?

It costs about $1 million to start a small animal clinic, according to Veterinary Practice News, with major costs being acquiring the necessary veterinary surgical equipment to treat animals. This includes surgical equipment, anesthesia machines x-ray machines,  ultrasound machine, and orthopedic products; if you want to extend your services. Equipment alone can run in tens of thousands of dollars.  

You can minimize some of these costs if you consider purchasing used veterinary equipment or refurbished surgical equipment. But should you do that? What are the positives and negatives?

Used veterinary equipment

When you buy something labeled ‘used,’ it doesn’t mean that it won’t work as it did when it was new. It just means that the equipment was purchased from its previous owner. Many times, you can get used medical equipment in good condition that still functions properly. 

There are companies that offer pre-owned Certified equipment, this may be an option if the product was gently used and the company offers readily available spare parts in case of break down. Consider the cost of the replacement part and the interruption to your veterinary services. 

Refurbished veterinary equipment 

Purchasing refurbished equipment is common in the veterinary market. Although there are some risks associated, there are also a number of benefits, especially when it comes to cost. 

The key to purchase refurbished veterinary equipment is to do the proper research about the seller and ask the right questions. Do they offer a warranty? Have the products been tested? What they are offering are returned products? Do they come with a certification from the manufacturer? How soon can you get spare parts in case of a breakdown? What are the most common pieces that need to be replaced including cost? Where and how to contact customer service in case of questions? How do you get training on the usage of the product?

Consider that doing your research before you decide on refurbished veterinary equipment will take time and this could be a disadvantage.

New veterinary equipmentdreamstime_s_149801890

New medical equipment comes right from the manufacturer, and generally costs more than used or refurbished equipment. With new equipment, you can feel confident that it will work as it should, and you’ll get a manufacturer’s warranty. This means the manufacturer will be responsible for any breakdowns and should be available for training on the use and/or any questions the user may have about the product. 

Bottom line?

Every veterinary clinic, especially now during COVID-19,  is concerned about cost, but safety and infection control should still be the main priority. While you can purchase refurbished and used veterinary equipment, you should do your due diligence to find a reputable seller. Still, nothing compares to a brand-new surgical tool.


How to address the cost challenges 

There are many costs associated with the opening of a new veterinary clinic. Acquiring your orthopedic tools at an affordable price can reduce your startup cost and allow you to offer orthopedic services to your furry clients. Arbutus Medical powered orthopedic products have the best features without the price tag seen on other models on the market. 

  • Affordability – Arbutus Medical systems help maintain infection control for thousands less than other surgical drills on the market. 
  • Reliability – In collaboration with DeWalt and Makita, Arbutus Medical has designed a reliable tool for your surgical environment. 
  • Sterile tool – Patented, waterproof, and pathogen-free barrier for the orthopedic drill, keeping the surgical device sterile without the need to autoclave. 
  • Long-battery life – Orthopedic drills need autoclaving, but doing this can lead to battery damage by overheating and/or moisture. This will cause the surgical device to wear out faster. Arbutus Medical has teamed up with known brands to provide you with Li-Ion batteries for your orthopedic drill, that recharge within 30 minutes. Users should get about 1,000-charge cycles (or three years), depending on use. To replace the battery you can call Arbutus Customer Service or go to any hardware store and purchase it for less than $100.
  • FDA-registered and Health Canada-licensed – Arbutus Medical has converted a typical hardware drill into a fully-sterile and licensed surgical drill. The simplicity on the design offer users the ergonomics, torque, and speed of a high-end surgical drill for a fraction of the cost. 
  • Warranty – Arbutus Medical offers a two-year warranty, ensuring users that the product will be safe and effective, free of any defects in both materials and workmanship when the device is used as intended. 
  • Customer service – Arbutus Medical offers customer support before and after purchase. A market expert is available to answer any questions via phone, email, or chat. We also offer online video training, literature, and video calls when requested. 

Don’t let price dictate your decisions. If you need high-quality veterinary surgical instruments, look at affordable new solutions before buying used or refurbished. Arbutus Medical offers all the brand-new orthopedic product benefits without the sticker shock seen with other manufacturers. Find out more about Arbutus Medical products here.