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As a global company, we are often asked by people living in various parts of the world: “What does Arbutus mean? How do you pronounce it? Why did you choose that name?”.

Arbutus /ar·bu·tus/ Menziesii is a tree species that is emblematic of the coastal regions of southern British Columbia where our company is located. It is most commonly found near the water and can be spotted while hiking the coastal trails or kayaking along BC’s scenic coastline.

The tree is simply gorgeous with meandering branches, broad evergreen leaves and deep red bark which peels away to expose the new bright green bark underneath. It has a remarkable ability to thrive in harsh environments and can often live to be hundreds of years old. Using the arbutus tree for our name inspires us to infuse resilience and longevity into our products which are often destined for austere and resource-limited environments. 

Enjoy these pictures of arbutus trees taken by our team members on some of our favourite local hikes.