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Arbutus Medical Expands Distribution Network across the US



Arbutus Medical expands distribution network across the US


August 20, 2021 – As Arbutus Medical expands its product range of orthopedic drills and tools to help trauma centers and hospital emergency departments perform skeletal traction in an efficient and sterile way, it has expanded its distribution network across the United States.


“We are now working with 14 distributors and more than 70 sales representatives across the US to make purchasing of our products easier, including our new all-in-one Skeletal Traction kit,” says Lawrence Buchan, CEO of Arbutus Medical. 


Trauma centers and hospital emergency departments can now access Arbutus Medical kits that enable them to use a modified, FDA-cleared DeWalt hardware drill with a single-use sterile drill cover to perform skeletal traction. The kit includes a specialized K-wire and the extra tools you need to perform skeletal traction. For more information, visit

Distributors are available to work with purchasing departments for EDs and trauma centers across the US:


About Arbutus Medical

Arbutus Medical is a small company with a big vision, committed to simplifying orthopedic surgery to enable safe surgery for every patient by providing simple orthopedic tools that reduce the cost of surgery for hospitals and patients. Using patented DrillCover technology, Arbutus Medical provides safe, reliable, high quality, and affordable orthopedic surgical tools. To date, the company has shipped products capable of safely treating over 53,000 human patients and 38,000 animal patients. across 36+ countries worldwide.


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