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Arbutus Medical’s ‘Vets for Safe Surgery’ program donates tools to treat vulnerable animals


Contact: Michael Cancilla, Arbutus Medical
Phone: +1 778-773-6477

Arbutus Medical’s ‘Vets for Safe Surgery’ program donates tools to treat vulnerable animals

Program accepting applications until June 30, 2019

April 18, 2019 – Fresh off of supporting the Gorilla Doctors in 2018, Arbutus Medical is expanding its ‘Vets for Safe Surgery’ Charitable Partner Program to donate tools to two new organizations this year. With this program, Arbutus Medical hopes to expand access to safe surgical care to benefit patients in need. Organizations treating vulnerable animals for trauma injury, whether local or international, are invited to apply. Arbutus Medical will donate orthopedic power tool kits to successful applicants (value 1500USD).

Gorilla Doctors is an organization dedicated to the preservation of the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and is a 2018 donation recipient from Arbutus Medical. The Gorilla Doctors were founded in the mid-1980s by the legendary gorilla researcher, Dr. Dian Fossey. Dr. Fossey and The Gorilla Doctors launched a radical conservation program that resulted in just over 1000 mountain gorillas now living in protected areas of the national parks in Eastern and Central Africa. Gorilla Doctors now employs more than a dozen veterinarians and health experts in all three countries where mountain gorillas live. Dr. Mike Cranfield, a co-director of the Gorilla Doctors, cites trauma as a leading cause of Mountain Gorilla death. Trauma arises from accidents, fighting between the mountain gorillas, and injuries from poachers and their traps.

Who is Arbutus Medical? Arbutus Medical makes surgical tools to break down barriers to safe surgery and supports surgeons or GPs learning new surgical techniques. Using patented DrillCover technology, Arbutus Medical provides safe, reliable, high-quality, and affordable surgical tools. Their power tool systems have been used to treat over 36,000 human patients and 21,000 animal patients in 32 countries. The tools feature a reusable liquid and pathogen-proof fabric cover that fully envelopes a robust, powerful, and affordable hardware tool creating the perfect orthopaedic solution for the cost-conscious veterinarian. You can find Arbutus Medical products distributed in the USA through MWI Animal Health / Securos Surgical.

A simple application form and full eligibility details are given at
Winners announced via Facebook on July 15, 2019.